HiiYou creates a space in the city filled with life and joy in the streets, where citizens can experience one another and the city from a new perspective. We revolutionize the retail industry with a loving and inspiring anarchy of urban life. We enable and support all who have a passion and dream of becoming independent and to succeed in achieving a successful mobile business.


For a new entrepreneur it is a strong challenge to afford to create their own business due to high start up costs. There are many passionate creative souls whose good ideas deserve to be realized. Mobile stores enables a start for them. Our cities, particularly in the provinces, are being stifled with large retail chains and urban lacks soul, life and personality. Mobile business provides small creative entrepreneurs to make their mark on the neighborhoods, drive to where their potential customers are and live their passion and create a profitable business. Mobile business is the future. The HiiYou organization enables passionate entrepreneurs, who have something to say and a dream to become independent, to achieve freedom with a mobile business. The organization's purpose is to help and support the entrepreneur to make a plan and support them in all possible ways in a larger community, whose full-service helps to ensure the well-being and a successful mobile business for the benefit of all.

HiiYou organization has been mentoring 87 entrepreneurs whom we have been supporting to realize their dream of a mobile adventure in Denmark and Norway, and most have already achieved both freedom, success and even financial gain. We are looking for new partners in Denmark, Norway and Spain for new Street Food markets and to our mobile catering preparedness. We enable and support all who has a passion and dream of becoming independent and to help them succeed in achieving a successful mobile business.

Every week new mobile businesses rolls out on European roads with happy entrepreneurs. What passion do you want to share with the world?
The glasses create a wave of love in the society and breaks down barriers between people and change their perspectives. The glasses are our love anarchy and we share them delightfully. With the love glasses, we encourage you to see and experience your beautiful city, open up to a positive and loving outlook, to see and meet each other without prejudice and judgmental filters, and choose love, positivity and development rather than fear and negativity.